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Business Plan Competition Winners

  • Standard Décor,Score-12.8%

    Standard Décor,Score-12.8%

    Motivation:Realistic plan based on
    concrete services and existing
    experience and concrete vision on
    clients.If done right there is a big
    market for these services.We believe
    that this can be a viable plan and it
    also can generate significant
    employment!. Read More


  • Kimaranzara Canteen,Score-12.6%

    Kimaranzara Canteen,Score-12.6%

    Motivation:Modest plan,with a clever
    idea to cater for the RTUC teachers
    and students..We think thisaward,
    together with the own contribution,
    can help these ladies to start up and
    attract more funding!. Read More

  • Imigongo Décor,Score-14%

    Imigongo Décor,Score-14%

    Motivation: products for tourists and
    wealthy Rwanda people. Promotion of
    art! Comprehensive vision based on
    experience. We like the provision of a
    budget for training and suggest that our
    250 Euro are used for this purpose. But as
    it is an award of course the winner
    (and the other 2) can decide by herself
    how to spend the award Read More

News and Events

8th Atlas Conference Participants

  • Mr. Sentongo Anderson Booker

    Mr. Sentongo Anderson Booker

    Topic-Image Building of a Tourism


  • Mr. Julius Warren Kule

    Mr. Julius Warren Kule

    Topic-Enterpreneurship in Internat

            -ional Toursim

  • Mr. Kabera Callixte, Rector

    Mr. Kabera Callixte, Rector

    Topic-Domestic Tourism Strategies

    And Its Implications on Rwanda


    Case Study of National Park-Rwanda


  • Mr. Benson Ochieng Abuto

    Mr. Benson Ochieng Abuto

    Topic- An Assesment Of Different

    Perspective on training and develop

    -ment On Employee Performance

    In The Hospitality Industry

    Case Study-Kigali Based Classified


  • Mr. Jacob N. Mahina

    Mr. Jacob N. Mahina

    Topic-The Role Of Social Networ

    -king In Promoting SMEs Growth

    In Sub-Saharan Countries

    Case Study- Rwanda


  • Mr. Cody Morris Peris

    Mr. Cody Morris Peris

    Topic- Fair Trade Learning:

    Conceptualizing an Alternative

    Model for Volunteer Travel In


  • Mr. Richard Wyllie

    Mr. Richard Wyllie

    Topic-Politics And Practicalities of

    Cross-Border Tourism in South

    -ern Africa

  • Mr. Joshua Ngacha Weru

    Mr. Joshua Ngacha Weru

    Topic-An Assesment of Customer

    Relationship management and

    Its Effect on Customer Relat

    -ion in Rwanda:Evidence

    from Classified Hotels in Kigali

  • Mr. Olivier Kanyabikali

    Mr. Olivier Kanyabikali

    Topic-Perceived Benifits and

    Barriers to The Use of World

    Wide Web Marketing Among

    rwandan Hotels

  • Mr. Francis John Wanyera

    Mr. Francis John Wanyera

    Topic-Climate Variability And Its

    Influnce on Ecosystem Characte


    case study of Bwindi and Volcanoes

    national parks

  • Mrs. Emily Kerubo Masaki

    Mrs. Emily Kerubo Masaki

    Topic-Assessing The Challenges In

    Promoting Demestic Tourism.

    A Case Study Of Rwanda